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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official Launch 2017

Celebrating 5 years! New pricing system explained.

Howdy folks! Today is the 5th anniversary of DC Music School! Thanks to all the customers out there that have supported this business. Lots of great new artists coming soon and in 2017!

I just wanted to quickly explain the new pricing system from the previous blog post for those who did not read it. I get a few emails asking for discounts. Nothing would make me happier than to share knowledge, but as I’ve explained already, the lessons in this beta page are already very discounted! Once the new site is ready, whenever that happens (and the new team is already working on it), the new pricing system will be put into effect. As you may have noticed, we have early releases of lessons, which mean that the videos are fully viewable but the transcriptions come at a later date. These early releases will always be cheaper, and therefore, discounted. Once the transcriptions are ready, the new price will go up. The new price is to be determined, but I do really want things to be as affordable as possible.

Might I remind everyone that practically  no other business like mine has so much information for so little money. Not only that, my business practice is very different from most of my competitors’. I know the inside business dealings of other companies; I am one of the only ones to give not only a huge percentage to my artists but to also pay them a fee for the days spent working in the studio. Not only that, they are not required to sign any kind of exclusivity contract with me. It is an absolute win win situation for the artists; absolutely zero risk involved!  The only entity that could potentially to lose in these situations is DC Music School. I am very proud to treat my artists with respect. This reputation is what allows me to have artist who otherwise would never agree to do any kind of video lessons. Therefore, each lesson that I create costs a mini-fortune. Thanks everyone for your understanding!

2017 will be a great year featuring a few legendary musicians and talents from the new generation of musicians!

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