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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official Launch 2017

December news – Price increase – New website

Hello dear friends! Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and support with this site of mine! For those who are new to this site, I invite you to read all previous blog posts as well as the FAQ for more info about the history of this site.

Adrian Holovaty’s Soundslice team is working hard on the new website, and I am probably more excited about it than anyone else. The site will finally be what it needs to be after more than 5 years in limbo! For new users, the site is actually fully functional with the exception of mobile compatibility. Once again, please read the previous blog posts for more information about this.

I wanted to explain the price increase that is set to happen shortly after the new site launches. When will it launch? We don’t know yet, as I’m letting Adrian’s team do the work they need to do to make the transition as smooth as possible. Rest assured, everyone’s account will remain untouched; should any problems arise with your account as a result of the transition, please rest assured, we will help you out!

Because of the new site, we will have to increase the price to 29.99$ Canadian for early releases (lessons without transcriptions), once transcriptions are added, the price will be 34.99$ Canadian. These prices are still extremely affordable. I am also aware that Paypal has recently banned Turkey, so for a short period of time, after the site launches, we will keep the 24.99$ price.

I’d like to explain the reasons for these price increases. First of all, DC Music School is practically a one man operation with occasional sub-contractors. I run nearly all the operations of DC Music School. Why? To keep the costs as low as possible while giving a fair compensation to the artists. The only way this is possible is by doing almost everything on my own.

I strongly believe in fair and generous artist compensation. I have seen the figures in this industry, and I am by far one of, if not, the most generous to the artists. This is also the reason why I am able to get artists that otherwise would not agree to do video lessons.

Not only this, I strongly believe that education should be affordable, which is why each lesson is jam packed with examples and quality of information. You may notice the tremendous amount of playing examples and transcriptions from each lesson. Practically no other, if any, company offers as much as we do, for so little. This again is only possible because I am working 6-10 hours every single day. No weekends off. I have sacrificed a huge chunk of my personal life to make this happen, because it is my passion. I don’t get rich from doing this. I thank everyone who has supported my business thus far, it truly means a lot to me.

Please make no mistake, my competitors are NOT over pricing their lessons, their prices are just and fair, and for their prices, are most likely also generous to their artists, but because they are often a huge team, they cannot offer the level of compensation that I offer my artists, and the quantity and quality of content that I offer. Again, they are not over pricing their lessons, I am the one under pricing mine, and I hope to keep it this way for as long as possible. Every profit generated goes towards sub-contractors who help me with the operations so I can focus more on the production side of things. When I say I work all the time, it’s the truth. There are no office hours for me. I wake up in the morning, I start working, I take breaks here and there, and sometimes work until it’s time to go to bed. This is how it’s been every day for me for the past 2 years now.

To continue to be productive, give as much info in each lesson, have everything transcribed, and compensate Adrian Holovaty who has been extremely generous with me,  the price needs to increase by a little bit. Please keep in mind that most of my artists DO NOT give private lessons, or some do for 300$ US per hour. Compare that with 29.99-34.99$ Canadian for an hour of lesson material jam packed with information, fully transcribed, and then 10-20 performances, also fully transcribed. You can’t find this anywhere else!

Each product that we create costs a fortune to make, which is why we have the early release system, where all the lessons are fully functional but are missing the transcriptions. This helps me to pay subcontractors to help with the transcriptions. The business has grown enough that I can afford a small team of transcribers.

However, transcribing requires tremendous skill and patience. It can be mentally taxing for some, and therefore, I do not pressure my transcribers to meet a close deadline. Suffice it to say, there is a transcriber assigned to all outstanding transcriptions. Furthermore, once the transcribers are done, I go through each and every single transcription to make sure they are as correct as possible (small mistakes may happen, but please let me know, and I’ll correct them when possible). This is extremely time consuming. For most of 2016, I have been busy producing lessons. Come January-February 2017, I will have two months where I will be transcribing full time as well, so all transcriptions should be ready well before Feb 2016.

Some companies can record lessons and release everything with transcription within a week. We cannot do anything like that due to the quantity of info that we give away. We’re talking hours and hours of works behind the editing and transcribing!

I am proud to say that I also hire people to do minimum wage work but for 50% more than minimum wage. I strongly believe in encouraging  young workers and giving them the financial incentive to work hard.

I’ve been slowly retroactively adding downloadable mp3s of the lessons. So check back regularly for those as well. The new sites features will be much better, however, so please do check out the blog post about that!

Thanks to all who have supported my business thus far. It is through your patience, generosity and support that I can do what I do, and I am extremely appreciative of all this. I wish everyone a happy holiday season!

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