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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official Launch 2017

Preview of the new website!

Hello folks! Here’s a quick video preview of the vastly improved new DC Music School being built by Adrian Holovaty (google his name, the guy is a legendary genius!) and his Soundslice team. It’s going to be a vastly improved experience for everyone. I really can’t wait to launch this site!


For friends in Turkey, I am quite aware of the Paypal ban. Rest assured the new site will have new forms of payments.

One important info: when the new site launches, the pricing system will change a little bit. Everything on the BETA site has been discounted since the site launched. In order to pay for hosting as well as compensating Adrian’s incredible team. The price will have to go up just a little bit. We still want to make things as accessible as possible for everyone around the world. There will be two pricing systems when the new site launches. There will still be early releases (no transcriptions) where the lessons will be greatly discounted. Once the transcriptions are fully uploaded, the product switches to the new price. Why do we do it this way? Because many customers are often impatient for certain products to be released, and also each product costs a tremendous fortune to make. DC Music School is one of the only companies to treat its artists extremely generously. A significant chunk of the profit generated is given directly to the artist. This site cannot exist without the artists and it’s time people in power give some power back to the artists. Your early support allows us to continue to bring some of the best musicians into the studio to create more lessons.

Another great news is that with this new site, I will be able to upload transcriptions as they become ready! Under the old system, I had to wait until everything was transcribed before uploading. That’s because the current site’s file management system is archaic and extremely complex for no reason. It’s a logistical nightmare to upload multiple files. Not so with Adrian’s design! It’s a vastly improved experience for everyone!
Thank you every one for your support. It really means a lot to me. While this is obviously a “for profit” business, my biggest priority has always been quality of content; I sincerely believe in accessible music education for all. I’ve mentioned before, but I have created content in the past ,with certain artists, that were not up to my standards (uncooperative artists), and rather than releasing the lessons, I’ve preferred to lose thousands of dollars than to stain the reputation of my business. Quality first and foremost!
Oh … and Gypsy Jazz is the way (even though my website isn’t 100% Gypsy Jazz)

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