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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official Launch 2017

September 2016 – UPDATE!

Here are the latest updates folks! The Antoine Boyer lesson series are released. As always, this is an early release minus transcriptions. Please read the previous blog posts for full explanation of everything.

The vast majority of DC Music School users are extremely gracious, patient, and kind. For that, I am extremely thankful and I am very happy to make these lessons available to people all around the world for an extremely low price.

Please understand that we are working all the time on transcriptions. In 6 months, we transcribed well over 200 playing examples from Bireli Lagrene, and 92 full performances. The transcriptions etudes for vol.1 2 and 3 of In The Style of Angelo Debarre have been uploaded. Vol 4 should not take much longer. We are currently a small team of 5 people working on transcriptions to make things go faster. I have someone working on the Ulf Wakenius etudes.

We don’t like to say when X or Y transcription will be ready, because they take the time they take to make them well. Nonetheless, we hope to have every single outstanding transcription available before the end of 2016.

I must remind people once more that practically NO WHERE (if any) else in the market can you find so many etudes / transcriptions / lesson examples / videos for such a low price. I do this because we sincerely believe that high quality music education should be affordable everywhere around the world. If I had unlimited resources, I would happily give all of these away for free. Unfortunately, each and every lesson costs a mini fortune to make (plane tickets, hotels, studio gear, assistants, accounting, web hosting, editing, transcribing, musician fees), at the current price point, there is not much profit to be made. If there were, I’d hire more transcribers. On the BETA site of DC Music School, each and every lesson is already discounted. To the 99.99% who have been extremely supportive and patient, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the 0.1% who email me constantly asking about transcriptions, you have your explanation (once more). Once again, I, myself, have been working every single day of 2016 on DC Music School. There is not one single day this year where I took a break. I had to cancel vacations, sacrifice my personal life to work on my business and  to do my best to please the 0.1%. This is proof of my commitment to these projects.

Speaking of which, the new site is still being worked on by the legendary Adrian Holovaty (look him up!), creator of Soundslice. One of the new perks of the new site, is that we will finally be able to release each transcription as they become available. Under the current system, I have very little ability to access the backend of the site, and therefore in order to avoid a very disorganized back end, I upload all the transcriptions as one big compilation. The new site will allow me to upload the transcription to a single etude as it becomes available. We can even upload works in progress which should make the 0.1% users quite happy! When will the site be ready? Good things take time, and I don’t want to pressure Adrian and his team. I leave it up to him to make sure things go smoothly, but I have 100% faith in him and his team. The guy is a legend!!!

As mentioned in a previous blog post, all lessons on the BETA site are discounted. In the future, when the real site is fully launched. Early releases will still be discounted, once everything is fully uploaded, the prices will slightly go up. The extra profits will help go towards: creating new lessons, and hiring more transcribers.

Thanks again for everyone’s support!


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