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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official Launch 2017

Summer 2016 Update!

Hello friends! It’s been half a year since the last update, but DC Music School has been extremely busy since then! We’ve recorded lessons with Angelo Debarre, Ulf Wakenius, Antoine Boyer, Adrien Moignard, and in a few weeks, the legendary Pat Martino will be heading to our studios!

So, here’s the latest news: I am very happy to announce that Adrian Holovaty (google his name!) will be redesigning the site from the ground up! In fact, his team is working on it right now! The site will finally be everything it needs to be, and will incorporate his soundslice technology. When will the site be ready? We don’t know because we want the transition to go as smoothly as possible, but I have let him know that the earlier the better!

For those who didn’t read my previous update. DC Music School has been in BETA mode since its inception in July of 2011. That’s almost 5 years now! It was never supposed to be this way, and it ended up being this way for reasons way beyond my control. The original team that built this website ended up accepting a contract that made it next to impossible for them to finish the site. I then hired a team called Fitsoft led by a scam artist by the name of Riad Haddad from Jordan, but apparently with an office in the USA. He took all the money that I had saved up to complete the website, and gave me a site that was absolutely unusable, then he used a sob story excuse that he was a persecuted Christian in the middle east, blabla. The same excuse can be found in another negative online review of his scam tactics. All this to say, I lost a tremendous fortune that sent me into a deep depression. I’m sort of over it now, and it’s the reason why the site could not be completed. I’m happy to say that with Adrian Holovaty, a legend in the world of computer science, things are heading in the right direction!

Another issue that I’d like to address, some people regularly ask when the transcriptions for X or Y lesson will be ready. As you may have noticed, we have early releases of lessons. The reason for that is that while we have people regularly asking when the transcriptions will be ready, we have an even larger volume of people asking when the lessons will be ready! Therefore, to satisfy, the greater majority, we release the lessons earlier. The transcriptions take a lot of time to make, and I’m happy to say that I have a small team that helps me to do this. One of the transcribers is the great educator/violinist Christiaan van Hemert who runs the Rosenberg Academy.  How long do transcriptions take? It truly depends, and we work hard at it; they take the time that they take to make. For instance Bireli volume 6 has 16 performances totaling 40 minutes. Each one takes 2-5 hours to accurately notate. Each lesson that we produce is jam packed with performances that are transcribed. Practically no other company offers as much.

I would also like to note that because the site is in BETA mode, the prices for each lesson are significantly cheaper than what I originally intended them to be. BETA mode means that the site is fully functional as far as the lessons are concerned, but there are a few kinks (such as tablet compatibility) that need to be sorted out. If you compare with other businesses out there, DC Music School’s products are considered extremely cheap. The other companies are not overpricing their products, we are underpricing our products! Why is that? I’ve explained this before. I know that around the world the currency exchange is not equal, and in order to give a maximum amount of people a chance to access high quality lessons, I purposely charge much cheaper than competitors. For instance, a private lesson in New York City with the average guitar teacher is roughly 50-75$ USD. With a well known teacher, prices can vary between 100-300$ USD / hour; some don’t allow students to film or record. At DC Music School, each lesson is jam packed with information and performances, and we ask 24.99$ Canadian (roughly 20 USD). You keep these lessons forever!

Once the official site is launched we will have two pricing systems. For early releases, the products will remain cheaper, but once the lessons are fully complete, the price will slightly go up. We will try to keep things as low as possible, but please understand that we are a small team working extremely hard to make things accessible.

Other companies rely on beginner products to make money. Some companies film lessons in one week and release it the next week. We don’t do beginner materials, because the market is over saturated with it. We focus strictly on lesson materials for serious musicians; therefore, it’s a a very niche market. Each product we make is so detailed that we simply cannot release it in a single week, but I, Denis Chang, personally work full time to get things done. This year in 2016, I have not taken one single day of vacation. I work every single day. I am always checking my emails to reply to customer questions (I sometimes miss some, so please don’t hesitate to write again). In fact, I turned down a vacation to a remote location because there was no internet. I take DC Music School very seriously!

Furthermore, we are proud to be one of the VERY few companies out there to treat each and every artist with the that respect they deserve. What that means, is that on top of receiving a generous share of each sale, each artist receives a generous advance. Each lesson, that we produce therefore costs a mini fortune to make, and your support allows us to continue to encourage artists, and also create more high quality products.

Thank you very much!

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