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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official Launch 2017

Ulf Wakenius Lessons Now Available – More Info for 2016!

The In The Style of Ulf Wakenius series have been launched. In just a few days, jazz guitarist Pat Martino will be coming to our studios to record a series of lessons. Once that is done, we will be in 100% transcribing editing mode. It is our last major project of the year. We’ve been filming non-stop since April: Angelo Debarre, Ulf Wakenius, Antoine Boyer, Adrien Moignard, Pat Martino. We are also re-issuing the In The Style Of Stochelo Rosenberg series originally released by Hyperhip Media. We have acquired the rights to the videos, and will be repackaging it with transcriptions! Since many people bought the DVDs in the past, upon release, there will be a massive discount for a short period of time for those who want access to the transcriptions.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, we’d like to remind everyone that while the site is in BETA mode, every single lesson is greatly discounted. Once the new site goes live, early releases will remain discounted until the transcriptions are fully uploaded!

In other news, I have a small team working on transcriptions for me, they’re working hard on the Angelo Debarre lessons. As many of you know, each lesson is jam packed with information and performances. We are one of the only companies out there to give so much in one product; it takes a lot of time to make these transcriptions. Once the Pat Martino videos are done in about a week, I’ll be joining my transcription team to finish all outstanding transcriptions for every product that we’ve done up to date. I don’t know how long it takes, but we’ll be working hard on them! It took many months to transcribe hundreds of playing examples from Bireli Lagrene along with 92 performances!

Thanks very much for the support!

Finally, if you’ve read the other blog posts, the legendary Adrian Holovaty is working on the new site! The work is still in progress, and I have 100% faith in his work. The guy is a genius!

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