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Welcome to DC Music School BETA - Official launch in 2014

Robin Nolan Update

Dear Gypsy Jazz fans,
if you’ve read the previous blog entry, you are probably aware that Robin Nolan is offering an exclusive deal in partnership with DCMS.
I am told that the sale goes on until Friday Sep 12 2014.  I have received a number of emails telling me that they had already purchased Robin’s lessons elsewhere, [...]


It’s been a while but we’re still alive! Here’s what I (Denis Chang) would like to share with you folks (be sure to read til the end for a big discount deal!!!):
-I have just filmed 4 new lessons for Gypsy Jazz fans. I am extremely proud of these lessons. Two of them are dedicated to [...]

DCMS Update Nov 2013

Hello folks! Here’s what’s going on so far:
General news: I have been traveling on a very regular basis since September and answering emails has been a little bit difficult, I’ve had to prioritize certain emails over others. If I have not replied to one of your emails, I apologize, I’ll try to get to it [...]

DCMS Updates March 2013!

It’s been a while since the last update on this site and on youtube, but that’s because I’ve been busy tackling way too many projects. First off, if you’re a Gypsy Jazz Fan, then perhaps you might want to consider checking this project out http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tcha-limberger-dc-music-school . One of the perks gives you TWO free coupons [...]

Django In June Festival in Northampton, MA

Greetings, Gypsy Jazz fans, I wanted to take a little moment to talk to you about, what I believe, is the very best Gypsy Jazz festival in North America. It’s called Django in June, and it’s held every year in the middle of June in beautiful Northampton, MA. It’s run by a man who is [...]

Hard work DOES pay off!

Hello folks, here’s my first real blog post. I just wanted to share this little story with you; I think it’s inspiring. It shows that hard work really pays off.
A fellow by the name of Angelo from California emailed me back in December 2011 for advice on playing traditional Gypsy Jazz rhythm. The correspondences happened [...]

Jazz Violin Lessons Featuring Tim Kliphuis

The next DC Music School release will be a series of jazz violin etudes on 21 standards, featuring Tim Kliphuis. There will be two versions to each song; beginner and intermediate.
Here’s an example on “Lady Be Good”:
Be sure to check out our youtube channel for more clips!
As a bonus, another product will also be released [...]

BETA site launched!

Hi folks, thanks so much for checking this site out! As you can see ,it’s very clearly in BETA mode. The full site launch will happen in late 2012! Until then, you can still enjoy whatever this site offers. Contents will be added gradually, so please check back often; or follow us on facebook, twitter, [...]

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