Important info about this new site

Posted by Denis Chang on March 17, 2017

Dear Customers,

Welcome to the new DC Music School website! Please note that this is the first version of the site. We have been receiving feedback from customers and will be implementing other features in the near future!

Regarding the migration of accounts: every single purchase from the old site’s database has been migrated to the new system, including free products. If you try to log in to this new site and don’t see purchases that you made on the old site, it’s highly likely that you have created an account in the old site with a different email address (or possibly had a typo in your email address when creating the account, which was never caught because the old site did not validate email addresses).

The only way around this will be for us to do some detective work on a case-by-case basis. For instance, one user thought that his purchases weren’t transferred — but upon investigation, we found out that it was indeed transferred but that he had made a typo in his email address from the old site.

Furthermore, some of you have used one email address to purchase a lesson with PayPal, but created your DC Music School account with another email address (or even more). Some clients have products across many accounts, and sometimes they’re not aware of that either.

Please get in touch with us if any of these scenarios might be the case. Please provide as much information as possible: username(s) (if you have more than one account and have other usernames, please let us know), items purchased, and all known email addresses that may be associated with the site. We’ll have to do detective work to sort your issue out. It is highly likely that your situation involves one of the scenarios above.

Thank you!