Update on outstanding transcriptions

Posted by Denis Chang on March 18, 2017

Dear DC Music School users, welcome to the new website! A quick word about outstanding transcriptions. We are a team currently working on finishing the lesson examples for (in order of priority):

We are working as hard and fast as we can to complete these, but please note that for this quantity of material for so very little money, we can only hire so many transcribers. This is extremely time consuming work, and we do not pressure our employees so that they can live a stress-free life. We hope to finish all of these before June 1st (if not much earlier).

Effective June 1st, however, is the new pricing system. To cover the costs of this new website, and to provide faster service in delivery of transcriptions, the pricing will increase. There will be two pricing systems. For any product, that has outstanding transcriptions, the price will be 29.99$ CAD. For all products that are complete, the price will be 34.99CAD. The cheaper price allows us to release products earlier, and encourage users to purchase at a discount. In turn, this money allows us to hire more transcribers to finish the work earlier.

I must stress that practically no other (if any) business gives away as many transcriptions / information for so very little money. At DC Music School, we want to give both quality and quantity. In order to do this effectively though, it's only natural that transcriptions take that much longer. We also try to make the transcriptions as professional and accurate as possible.

Thanks everyone for your understanding!