Summer update

Posted by Denis Chang on June 1, 2017

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to post a little update on what we've been up to! If you've read the March 17th blog post, you're aware that on June 1st, we were planning on changing the pricing system. It will happen but not right away.

The new pricing system is explained in the updated FAQ.

Here's the basic idea: there will be 3 pricing systems on the site. When a lesson is first released, there will be a discount sale where the price will be 24.99$ Canadian (what it's been since the site first launched). We will hold this sale for a short period of time. To keep posted on newly released lessons, check our DCMS Facebook posts, as we always post updates.

Once the sale ends, the price will be 29.99$ Canadian. This is still a discounted price, because newly released lessons don't include the transcriptions.

Once the transcriptions are uploaded, the price will go up a final time to 34.99$.

People who purchase at the discount rate receive the transcriptions and any future update for free, of course!

However, people looking for discounts will have access to bundle pricing! We will provide more info when the new system takes effect! Nonetheless, the early release 24.99$ will always be the best deal.

The 24.99$ price was always discounted because, for reasons beyond our control, the DCMS site was stuck in BETA mode for 5 years. Thanks to Adrian Holovaty and his team at Soundslice, the site is now the way it was meant to be, and future improvements are on the way!

However, with all these improvements come extra costs to maintain a functioning site. Even at 34.99$ Canadian, we're proud to be one of the few companies out there giving so much for so very little.

Most of you understand how difficult and extremely time consuming it is to make transcriptions, and I thank everyone for their understanding.

When producing lessons, I had a choice: give away less content, and, therefore, have less to transcribe or give as much content as possible for the same low prices, but take much more time to transcribe. In both scenarios, the transcriptions will be done eventually, so which one would you rather have? The choice is clear, right?

There are companies out there releasing lessons less than a month after filming, because there is not much to include. That's just not possible with the way we are doing things at DCMS. Depending on the complexity, when you have 12-20 etudes and many detailed playing examples to transcribe, it cannot be done in such a short time.

Furthermore, we are one of the only educational companies making transcriptions in an "academically" correct way. This means, that we try to do all the proper engraving, and proper notating styles. This is a big topic, but most guitar companies doing lessons usually only include TABs. The standard notation is left messy, so that E7 chords have Ab instead of G#, etc. Doing the engraving can be an extremely time consuming process as well.

Certain players have extremely complicated playing styles that were never meant to be notated, so that's why it can take weeks if not months to work on them. Pat Martino, Ulf Wakenius, Bireli Lagrene come to mind. On the other hand, other artists have straightforward styles, and transcriptions can be completed much faster.

In the instance of Nousche Rosenberg, we've included almost 100 playing examples in the 3 volumes that we've recorded. While his playing is easy to notate, the sheer quantity makes it extremely time consuming to make transcriptions.

DCMS has a team of transcribers, but, I, Denis Chang, have to go through all of them to edit and correct them. This also takes a lot of time.

While DC Music School is considered a business for profit, money was never a huge priority. It was and always will be for the music and the content. The proof is in the sheer quantity of material that we include in each lesson for so very little. There is no other company consistently doing things like this. I thank everyone for their patience when it comes to transcriptions.

To put it into perspective, one of our artists charges 300 Euros per one hour private lesson in his home. Unless you live in the same country, you have to travel to his country, find accommodations. This quickly adds up to a lot of money. In that one hour, 10-15 minutes will be spent talking , assessing your style, and in the rest of the lesson, the artist will probably show you a few quick concepts. On the other hand, you can buy his lessons here for a fraction of the costs, and have access to hundreds of fully transcribed and detailed playing examples, analysis, and hours of the artist showing the same thing that he would show you privately.

Thanks everyone for your support! We, at DCMS, really believe in building better communities through music education, and we want everything to be accessible to every one around the world.