About DC Music School

DC Music School was founded by Canadian/Quebecois (Taiwanese descent) guitarist, Denis Chang, in the summer of 2011. Known for his highly successful instructional DVDs (published by Hyperhip Media) in the Gypsy Jazz genre, Denis decided to pursue his fascination with pedagogy by directly taking matter into his own hands. Within the span of two years, over a dozen products were released, and the site boasts over 5000 unique registrations from over 50 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and many more!

From the very beginning, our top priority has been to provide authentic instruction in various genres, for various instruments. Whereas other publishers will exploit an artist’s name to make a quick buck (often at the expense of authenticity or quality instruction) DC Music School’s approach is to ensure absolute authenticity, by only featuring the most respected artists in their genres. Furthermore, Denis oversees the production of every product, and is heavily involved in helping the artists create the very best possible lesson plan.In the past, learning certain genres of music, such as Gypsy Jazz or Flamenco, was difficult for students who lived in areas where the presence of these styles was non-existent. This was the problem that Denis faced many years ago when trying to learn the music of Django Reinhardt. His travels took him to Europe where he had the fortune to befriend the musicians that kept the flame alive, and therefore learn the music. However not everyone has this opportunity. With the recent advances in technology, it is now possible to have access to authentic instruction from anywhere in the world, provided one can find the proper resources. While perhaps nothing will ever be able to fully emulate the feeling of a strong musical community, such as that of the Gypsy camps in the east of France, students can now at least have the opportunity to have a glimpse into new musical worlds, that previous generations did not.

Last but certainly not least, DC Music School is a strong proponent in fair treatment of artists; we make sure that our artists are fairly compensated. By supporting us, you are directly supporting the artists. Furthermore, we believe in the spirit of sharing; on this site, you will find a multitude of free products. Consider these our gifts to you; the more you support us, the more we will shower you with these presents! Which leads us to our next point.

We have decided to drop the middle-man in this entire process. Everything on the site is 100% digital; there are no DVDs, and therefore no shipping. Customers have instant access to their products. By going this way, we are adapting to current technological trends; and this also helps keep our products affordable. Our target audience is international, and we fully recognize that the economy is not balanced throughout the world; our items are priced as reasonably as possible, and each product is jam-packed with information; we firmly believe that our customers will get more than what they paid for!