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Essential Skills For The Improvising Musician

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An in-depth practice method for serious improvising musicians with Denis Chang. This lesson also features Will Dickerson on rhythm guitar. Read full description…

An in-depth practice method for serious improvising musicians with Denis Chang. This lesson also features Will Dickerson on rhythm guitar.

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-HD video lessons where Denis teaches the importance of foundations for any improvising musician.
-Includes PDF with relevant examples notated.
-Approximately 90 minutes of in-depth instruction!


These lessons are for musicians of almost any genre interested in studying improvisation. Though some of the examples are guitar specific, many of the lessons apply to any melodic instrument. Understanding many of the concepts covered in this video series is essentially what makes a difference between a guitarist and a "true" musician. One can be a great guitarist but a bad musician. A true musician is connected to his/her instrument. He/she hears what she is about to play and is in control of the music; it is the ear that dictates what one plays, not the instrument.

This is not your typical improvisation lesson where we focus on modes/scales, and arpeggios. Instead, the primary focus is strictly on the basics: interpretation, ear training, and timing. There is a tremendous focus on harmony, and training your ears to hear chords and chord progressions. Through harmony, we will learn how to voice lead in order to create melodic improvisations, rather than just playing patterns. We will train our ability to react to any given situation so that we are in total control of the music.

The importance of phrasing and the different kinds of phrasing are thoroughly discussed. Improvisation is more than just playing the right notes, it is also about the timing of these notes, and the placement of phrases. Interpretation also plays a big role in how audiences perceive your improvisation.

If you are interested in any of this and much more, then these lessons are for you!

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List of chapters:

-Improvisation & Ear Training
-Voice Leading
-Chord Melodies
-"Vein" Voice Leading Exercise
-Other Styles Of Soloing

Recommended prerequesites:

-A strong knowledge of harmony is highly recommended
-A good command of your instrument

About Denis Chang:

Denis Chang is the founder of DC Music School and has produced highly successful instructional DVDs for Canadian publisher Hyperhip Media. A Gypsy Jazz guitarist, he has worked along side many of the world's leading Gypsy Jazz players.

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1. Introduction
2. Practicing
3. Tone
4. Improvisation & Ear Training
5. Idioms
6. Harmony
7. Voice Leading
8. Tensions
9. Reflex
10. Counterpoint
11. Chord Melodies
12. Dissonances
13. “Vein” Voice Leading Exercise
14. Timing/Phrasing
15. Phrasing
16. Other Styles Of Soloing

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