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Gypsy Jazz Rhythm With Benji Winterstein

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An in-depth study on the Gypsy Jazz Rhythm style of French guitarist Benji Winterstein.


-HD video of Benji Winterstein demonstrating his approach to various rhythms used in Gypsy Jazz.


Swing Rhythm - Slow
Swing Rhythm - Medium
Swing Rhythm - Fast
Ballad - Legato
Ballad - Staccato
Gypsy Bossa
Rhumba Waltz
Chord Demonstration - Minor Swing
Chord Demonstration - All Of Me
Chord Demonstration - Daphne
Chord Demonstration - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Duet Demonstration - Sheik Of Araby (ft. Christiaan van Hemert)

Recommended prerequesites:

-Basic knowledge of harmony and accompaniment

About Benji Winterstein:

Benji Winterstein (1991), from the age of nine, learned the guitar from his dad Popots, and his uncle Hono Winterstein. He soon realized the importance of good guitar accompaniment in the mold of his uncle Hono and Nous’che Rosenberg. He is part of Samson Schmitt’s current band and has also played rhythm for the likes of Timbo Mehrstein, Marcel Loeffler, Adrien Mognard and Martin Weiss at such festivals as Samois-sur-Seine, Augsburg and Corsica Guitar Night.

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1. Swing Rhythm - Slow
2. Swing Rhythm - Medium
3. Swing Rhythm - Fast
4. Ballad - Legato
5. Ballad - Staccato
6. Gypsy Bossa
7. Waltz
8. Rhumba Waltz
9. Rhumba
10. Bolero
11. Csardas
12. Funk
13. Minor Swing
14. All Of Me
15. Daphne
16. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
17. Sheik Of Araby

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