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Gypsy Jazz Rhythm With Hono Winterstein, Vol. 1

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An in-depth study on the Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitar style of French Gypsy guitarist Hono Winterstein.

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-HD video lessons where Hono teaches the basics of Gypsy Jazz rhythm techniques. -Various rhythm styles used in Gypsy Jazz are covered (Swing rhythm, waltz, bossa nova, bolero, rumba, etc...).
-Examples fully transcribed in standard notation and TAB.

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List of chapters:

-How I started
-Basics of Gypsy Jazz rhythm
-Left and right hand synchronisation
-Variations on Gypsy Jazz rhythm
-Bossa Nova
-Rumba Waltz
-Voicings on Minor Swing
-Voicings on I Can't Give You Anything But Love
-Voicings on Les Yeux Noirs
-Voicings on Rhythm Changes in C

Recommended prerequesites:

Basic knowledge of Gypsy Jazz concepts (technique and accompaniment)

About Hono Winterstein:

Hono Wintestein: a legend in the Gypsy Jazz world; seen on stage with the greatest musicians. Bireli Lagrene's faithful rhythm guitarist for over 8 years, he has performed in the most prestigious venues in France (Olympia, Zenith) and in the entire world (USA, Japan); he has also accompanied Dorado Schmitt, Tchavolo Schmitt, and many others. He is known as one of the very best Gypsy Jazz rhythm guitar players.

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1. How I Started
2. Basic Gypsy Jazz Rhythm
3. Synchronisation
4. Rhythm Variations
5. Waltz
6. Bossa Nova
7. Bolero
8. Rumba
9. Rumba Waltz
10 (a). Voicings - Minor Swing
10 (e). Voicings - Rhythm Changes In C
10 (b). Voicings - I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
10 (c). Voicings - Les Yeux Noirs
10 (d). Voicings - All Of Me

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