Gypsy Jazz Rhythm With Nousche Rosenberg, Vol. 1

JULY 16: The lesson examples are fully transcribed and uploaded! Enjoy!

An in-depth study on the Gypsy Jazz Rhythm style of Dutch guitarist Nousche Rosenberg. Read full description…

An in-depth study on the Gypsy Jazz Rhythm style of Dutch guitarist Nousche Rosenberg.


-HD video of Nousche Rosenberg explaining his approach to Gypsy Jazz rhythm.
-Relevant examples transcribed in standard notation and TAB
-Downloadable MP3 of lessons


How I Learned
Right Hand Position
How To Use The Pick
Attacking The Strings
Left Hand
Swing Rhythm Styles
Shuffle Rhythm
Nylon String Rhumba
Jazz Waltz
Intros And Endings

Recommended prerequesites:

-Basic knowledge of harmony and accompaniment

About Nousche Rosenberg:

Nousche Rosenberg has been accompanying his cousin Stochelo Rosenberg since they were children. He is the rhythm guitarist in the legendary Rosenberg Trio, and has performed all over the world with this group. He is regarded as one of the best rhythm players in the Gypsy Jazz genre.

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102 minutes across 20 parts

1. How I Learned
2. Right Hand Position
3. How To Use The Pick
4. Attacking The Strings
5. Left Hand
6. Swing Rhythm Styles
7. Shuffle Rhythm
8. Ornaments
9. Basslines
10. Bossa
11. Bolero
12. Rhumba
13. Nylon String Rhumba
14. Waltz
15. Jazz Waltz
16. Funk
17. Czardas
18. Intros And Endings
19. Timing
In The Style Of Nousche Rosenberg Vol.1

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