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In The Style Of Paulus Schäfer, Vol. 1

All Transcriptions Uploaded, April 2022
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An in-depth study on the Gypsy Jazz style of guitarist Paulus Schäfer. Read full description…

An in-depth study on the Gypsy Jazz style of guitarist Paulus Schäfer.

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-HD video performances of Paulus Schäfer improvising on standard changes
-Lessons where Paulus shares his approach to music.
-Fully transcribed in standard notation and TAB - PLEASE READ NOTICE ABOVE
-Includes downloadable mp3 of all lessons and etude performances.

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How I Started
Rhythm - All Of Me
Rhythm - Caravan
Rhythm - China Boy
Rhythm - Daphne
Rhythm - Djangology
Rhythm - Double Jeu
Rhythm - For Sephora
Rhythm - I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Rhythm - Indifference
Rhythm - Isn’t She Lovely
Rhythm - Minor Swing
Rhythm - Nuages
Rhythm - Summertime
Rhythm - Sunny
Rhythm - Troublant Bolero
Intro/Ending in Am
Intro/Ending in C
Intro/Ending in Cm
Intro/Ending in Dm
Intro/Ending in Em
Intro/Ending in G 1
Intro/Ending in G 2

Standard progressions:

Blues Clair
Django's Tiger
Douce Ambiance
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Les Yeux Noirs
Swing 42
Them There Eyes
What Is This Thing Called Love

Recommended prerequesites:

-Knowledge of Jazz concepts (technique, accompaniment and improvisation)

About the In The Style series:

The In The Style series focus strictly on the playing style of the artist. These are not general "how to" lessons. The goal of these lessons is to give insight on a wide range of topics relevant to the musical style of the artist. Advanced students will be able to immediately absorb and work on many of the concepts covered in the lessons. Beginner and intermediate level students will benefit greatly from the transcriptions of the numerous video performances with close ups when relevant. Music is like a language, and it is best learnt by surrounding yourself with better musicians. The goal of the "In The Style Series" is to give you this access, as much as possible, in the comfort of your own home!

About Paulus Schäfer:

Paulus Schäfer (born 1978) is today one of the most talented Gypsy Jazz guitarists from The Netherlands. Born into a Dutch Sinti (Gypsy) community he learned to play the guitar at a very early age. Besides listening to fellow Sinti and records of his idol Django Reinhardt, it was Wasso Grünholz – a legend within the Sinti community – and his nephew Stochelo Rosenberg from whom he learned the most. After a short period of time, in which Paulus briefly took over the lead guitar of Jimmy Rosenberg in the Gipsy Kids, he formed the Paulus Schäfer Gipsy Band and recorded his debut album “Into the Light” in 2002, followed by many concerts and numerous – headlining – invitations to jazz festivals: Sziget Festival Budapest (H), Khamoro Prague (CZ), IGGF Gossington (UK), Django Reinhardt Festival Samois-sur-Seine (FR), Gipsy Festival Anger (FR), International Gipsyfestival (NL), Amersfoort Jazz (NL), Haarlem Jazz (NL) to name a few.

Being a musician on high demand, Paulus is often to be found on stage with other musicians like The Rosenberg Trio, Biréli Lagrène, Stochelo Rosenberg, Fapy Lafertin, Jimmy Rosenberg, Tim Kliphuis, Feigeli Prisor, Andreas Öberg, Olli Soikkeli, Gonzalo Bergara etc. and can be found on many albums. He also recorded two more albums with his own group in 2006, ‘Desert Fire’ and ‘Live at the NWE Vorst’ with the Paulus Schäfer Gipsy Band and The Tilburg Big Band. In March this year he released “Twelfth Year”, in which he guaranteed the assistance of Tim Kliphuis, Nous’che and Stochelo Rosenberg. Two more albums are in preparation this year.
Paulus has a particular sound, easy recognised, and although all Paulus’ albums are true to a distinctive Gipsy Jazz/Swing sound; Paulus is always looking for a new modern sound. Not only to broaden his own horizons, but also for a more representative Gipsy Jazz sound for the 21st century.

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33 minutes across 35 parts

1. How I Started
2. Rhythm - All Of Me
3. Rhythm - Caravan
4. Rhythm - China Boy
5. Rhythm - Daphne
6. Rhythm - Djangology
7. Rhythm - Double Jeu
8. Rhythm - For Sephora
9. Rhythm - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
10. Rhythm - Indifference
11. Rhythm - Isn't She Lovely
12. Rhythm - Minor Swing
13. Rhythm - Nuages
14. Rhythm - Summertime
15. Rhythm - Sunny
16. Rhythm - Troublant Bolero
17. Intro/Ending In Am
18. Intro/Ending In C
19. Intro/Ending In Cm
20. Intro/Ending In Dm
21. Intro/Ending In Em
22. Intro/Ending In G 1
23. Intro/Ending In G 2
Blues Clair
Django's Tiger
Douce Ambiance
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Les Yeux Noirs
Swing 42
Them There Eyes
What Is This Thing Called Love

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