In The Style Of Sébastien Giniaux, Vol. 4




An in-depth study on the Balkan guitar style of French guitarist Sébastien Giniaux.


-HD video performances of Sébastien Giniaux
-10 songs from eastern Europe
-Fully transcribed in standard notation and TAB
-The history and techniques of each song is explained.
-includes backing tracks for each song


Blues à l'Envers
Cocek Bugarski
Hora De La Bacau
Hora Lui Vassilescu
Kasapskao Horo
Kolo Lento
Mini Kolo
Rustem 93
Sarba Moldovaneasca

Recommended prerequesites:

-This lesson is based on materials covered in Vol.3
-A strong technical foundation
-Knowledge of harmony and improvisation

About the In The Style series:

The In The Style series focus strictly on the playing style of the artist. These are not general "how to" lessons. The goal of these lessons is to give insight on a wide range of topics relevant to the musical style of the artist. Advanced students will be able to immediately absorb and work on many of the concepts covered in the lessons. Beginner and intermediate level students will benefit greatly from the transcriptions of the numerous video performances with close ups when relevant. Music is like a language, and it is best learnt by surrounding yourself with better musicians. The goal of the "In The Style Series" is to give you this access, as much as possible, in the comfort of your own home!

About Sébastien Giniaux:

French guitarist Sébastien Giniaux is one of the most renowned guitar players from the new generation of guitar players inspired by Django Reinhardt.

He has toured the world with many of the world's greatest artists, such as Stochelo Rosenberg, Biréli Lagrène, Taraf de Haidouks, Rona Hartner, Richard Galliano, Didier Lockwood, etc

IMPORTANT: Please note that these are streamed videos; only the PDF transcriptions can be downloaded. When access is purchased, you will have permanent access to this lesson and all updates/corrections (if any) will be free of charge!

66 minutes across 21 parts

Performance: “Blues à l’Envers”
Performance: “Cocek Bugarski”
Performance: “Enigma”
Performance: “Hora De La Bacau”
Performance: “Hora Lui Vassilescu”
Performance: “Kasapskao Horo”
Performance: “Kolo Lento”
Performance: “Mini Kolo”
Performance: “Rustem 93”
Performance: “Sarba Moldovaneasca”
1. Introduction
2. “Blues à l’Envers” - Lesson
3. “Cocek Bugarski” - Lesson
4. “Enigma” - Lesson
5. “Hora de la Bacau” - Lesson
6. “Hora Lui Vassilescu” - Lesson
7. “Kasapskao Horo” - Lesson
8. “Kolo Lento” - Lesson
9. “Mini Kolo” - Lesson
10. “Rustem 93” - Lesson
11. “Sarba Moldovaneasca” - Lesson

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