Jazz Violin Harmony & Accompaniment, Vol. 1


An in-depth study on harmony and accompaniment on the violin. Read full description…

An in-depth study on harmony and accompaniment on the violin.

The violin is traditionally used as a melodic instrument; as such, harmonic confidence is generally a weak point for most fiddlers. This lesson series expands upon the concepts covered in the two Tim Kliphuis instructional videos (Hot Jazz Violin Vol.1 and 2) published by HyperHip Media.

In this first volume of Jazz Violin Harmony & Accompaniment, instructor Tim Kliphuis guides the student through a series of arpeggio exercises in order to build a solid harmonic foundation for accompaniment.

He demonstrates these concepts on both, a minor song, and a major song, respectively.

Summary of the lessons:

-Understanding and interpreting the harmonic structure of a song
-5 arpeggio exercises to build harmonic confidence
-Basic voicings for major and minor triads and dominant chords
-Basic extensions used in jazz
-Basic right hand technique for accompaniment
-Basic turnarounds
-The main performance examples are meticulously transcribed in PDF notation, and -lessons include detailed analyses of each concept.

Once the student has mastered these concepts, he/she should be able to use this knowledge on almost any other common jazz standard.

Backing tracks and extra mp3 support material are included in this lesson package.

Recommended prerequisites:

-Understand the theory behind basic chord formation: major, minor, and dominant chords
-Be able to transpose
-Be able to improvise over changes at a basic level

119 minutes across 15 parts

Minor Swing 1: Harmony
Minor Swing 2: Arpeggio Exercises
Minor Swing 3: Doublestops
Minor Swing 4: Extensions
Minor Swing 5: Voicings Extensions
Minor Swing 6: B-flat 7
Minor Swing 7: B-flat 7 Voicings
Minor Swing 8: Turnarounds
Coquette 1: Harmony
Coquette 2: Arpeggio Exercises
Coquette 3: Voicings
Coquette 4: Extensions
Coquette 5: Voicings Extensions
Coquette 6: Turnarounds

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