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Swing Violin Technique Vol. 1 With Christiaan van Hemert

All transcriptions uploaded! All lessons transcribed using Soundslice Notation.
$39.99 (Canadian dollars)

An in-depth study on the Jazz style of Violinist Christiaan Van Hemert. Read full description…

An in-depth study on the Jazz style of Violinist Christiaan Van Hemert.

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-HD video performances of Christiaan Van Hemert improvising on standard changes
-Lessons where Christiaan shares his approach to music.
-Fully transcribed in standard notation and TAB
-Includes downloadable mp3 of all lessons and etude performances.

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Learning Jazz
Russian Bowhold Disclaimer
Bowing Patterns
Eight Note Timing
Contemporary Jazz Violin Style
Developing Vibrato
Vibrato In Jazz
Learning Songs
Learning Melodies
Diminished Arpeggios
Chromatic Scale
Altered Scale
Augmented Arpeggios

Recommended prerequesites:

-Knowledge of Jazz concepts (technique, accompaniment and improvisation)

About the In The Style series:

The In The Style series focus strictly on the playing style of the artist. These are not general "how to" lessons. The goal of these lessons is to give insight on a wide range of topics relevant to the musical style of the artist. Advanced students will be able to immediately absorb and work on many of the concepts covered in the lessons. Beginner and intermediate level students will benefit greatly from the transcriptions of the numerous video performances with close ups when relevant. Music is like a language, and it is best learnt by surrounding yourself with better musicians. The goal of the "In The Style Series" is to give you this access, as much as possible, in the comfort of your own home!

About Christiaan Van Hemert:

Christiaan is one of the premier violinists in the current gypsy jazz scene and often performs as a guest of the Rosenberg Trio and alongside Stochelo Rosenberg in different groups. He has played with countless high profile gypsy jazz artists among which are Mozes Rosenberg, Paulus Schafer, Joscho Stefan, Fapy Lafertin, Tchavolo Schmitt, Roby Lakatos, Remi Harris, Gary Potter and many others.

Besides his activities as a performer he is well known as an educator, teaching at the Rotterdam University of the Arts and in a host of educational videos online. He often hosts workshops worldwide both on violin and guitar and is an expert in the so called ‘Dutch Style’ of gypsy jazz. Together with Stochelo Rosenberg, he maintains and teaches at the online tuition site The Rosenberg Academy.

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73 minutes across 19 parts

1. Learning Jazz
2. Russian Bowhold Disclaimer
3. Bowing Patterns
4. Eighth Note Timing
5. Timing
6. Swing
7. Contemporary Jazz Violin Style
8. Developing Vibrato
9. Slides
10. Vibrato In Jazz
11. Shifting
12. Learning Songs
13. Harmony
14. Arpeggios
15. Learning Melodies
16. Diminished Arpeggios
17. Chromatic Scale
18. Altered Scale
19. Augmented Arpeggios

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